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Whether it is to defend our values of proximity or to meet our clients' requirements in terms of deadlines, we have chosen to put our trust in Accort Track. After testing different suppliers and products, this association seemed the most relevant to us.

Not only does Accort Track's European coverage resonate perfectly with our market, but their products are of a quality rarely equalled. Continuous stainless steel cabling, premium rubber, Protech® structure, ...


The best value for money!

The reinforced rubber track by excellence. The quality standard that has proven its reliability more than once.

Thanks to our partner Accort Track, there is bound to be a track model available for your construction machine.


Probably the strongest tracks in Europe!

Essential for sustained use. Convinced by its efficiency, we guarantee these tracks for 2 years (or 3300 h).

Developed by Accort Track engineers, these tracks have increased grip thanks to their more pronounced studs and thicker rubber, especially on wet or clayey terrain.

The track is more resistant, durable and robust.


For this operation, you will need a lever (iron bar for example), a grease pump, and multi-function universal grease.

  1. Raise your construction machine.
  2. Remove the cover of the grease tank.
  3. Unscrew the grease nipple, this will loosen the track.
  4. Start your machine and gently rotate the track backwards.
  5. Use a lever between the sprocket wheel and the used rubber track to push it outwards (on one end).
  6. For safety reasons, we recommend switching off the machine's engine.
  7. Remove the old rubber track and place the new one on the front sprocket wheel.
  8. Start the machine again and, again using your lever, readjust the new rubber track on the rear sprocket.
  9. Screw on the grease nipple.
  10. Use a grease pump to tension (and grease) the rubber track. Caution, never stretch a rubber track to the maximum, remember to leave a slight clearance (2 cm is enough for a mini-excavator) between the track rail and the lower roller.
  11. Replace the grease cover.

Note: Remember to check the tension of your new track after a few hours of use, it is common for it to slacken slightly. Readjust if necessary.